Our Sponsors

There are a number of opportunities to get involved as a sponsor for Innovate East. There’s a number of ways you can take part over the three days. From working on a solution that could change the world to hearing the latest recommendations from the world of wellbeing, there’s something for everyone. Learn from some of the most inspiring speakers out there and network with a diverse range of attendees from engineering and academia to business, utilities and beyond.

To bring true dynamism to the table, we need to encourage people to leave the shackles of their normal working environment and be present in different surroundings that stimulate new ways of thinking. We’re looking forward to welcoming 1500 people to Ipswich over three days to see what we can create when we put our heads together.

Headline Sponsors

EWM Alliance (Cognizant – Atos – Capgemini)

MMD Silver Sponsor



BT – Connectivity Sponsor

Sweco – Innovation Dome

EMCOR – Waste Sponsor


Hack Sponsors

Atos / Capgemini / Cognizant – EWM Alliance


Aiimi and @one (Aiimi are doing two)


Mott McDonnald


Dash Sponsors




Screen Media



Media Partners

Rethink Events (Doing work for us for free)

Faversham House

Future Water Association (sent mailing for free)

British Water (as above)