We’re committed to developing solutions born from Innovate East for the benefit of the entire water industry, our region and society. Both water companies have committed to providing a £100,000 legacy pot for viable ideas to be developed post-event, with the aim of contributing tangible outputs that will have a lasting impact on our region and industry. We know we won’t solve problems through money alone so we’re also committing to working collaboratively to promote the integration and development of the solutions after the event. The £100,000 legacy fund will ensure that ideas generated at Innovate East are able to evolve and progress into long-term results.

Some of the most pressing issues facing our region will affect the way our industry and society operates for years to come - so it’s vital that we involve future generations in our forward thinking. A climate crisis STEM challenge will be launched by 60 pupils at Innovate East while 600 pupils from around the region will be taking part via a live stream. Climate change poses significant challenges to the East of England and we recognise the importance of working with young people on a topic that affects us all. By inspiring students we hope to leave a legacy of ideas that will pave the way for young creative thinkers to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.