If you’re coming to Innovate East, there’s a number of ways you can take part over the three days. From working on a solution that could change the world to hearing the latest recommendations from the world of wellbeing, there’s something for everyone. Learn from some of the most inspiring speakers out there and network with a diverse range of attendees from engineering and academia to business, utilities and beyond.

To bring true dynamism to the table, we need to encourage people to leave the shackles of their normal working environment and be present in different surroundings that stimulate new ways of thinking. We’re looking forward to welcoming 1500 people to Ipswich over three days to see what we can create when we put our heads together.

Trinity Park Showground will host 14 domes that will provide the setting for exploring, creating, collaborating and networking. As well as our sprints and hackathons, we’ll also be hosting a carbon and climate change challenge with 10 local schools. One host school will be live from Trinity Park, setting the challenge via video link to the other nine schools. With access to a team of experts over two days, we’re looking forward to seeing the new ideas and thinking that will come from the next generation.

To produce the best outputs, people need to be healthy and well. Both companies are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of their staff and this value is being brought to Innovate East through our wellbeing tent. Book in to see an occupational therapist, unwind with a mindfulness session or get advice on how to cope with stress.

At the end of each day, you’ll be able to unwind with an evening of entertainment, networking, food and drinks.


The challenges that both water companies face reflect those of many other businesses and organisations. Issues such as water scarcity, climate change, efficiency, protection of our environment and delivering for customers sit are important to many of our partners and wider stakeholders. At Innovate East, we have chosen to highlight and address four key themes which will shape and influence the subject of each sprint and hackathon.


Today businesses are more than transactional entities. As companies are put under pressure to carefully consider their role in wider society, three sprints will explore how we make real impact in our communities, raise the level of digital skills among young people and address how we become a more sustainable society while lowering costs for our customers.


The environment is everyone’s responsibility and some of the most pressing challenges facing the east of England centre around our natural surroundings. We will be developing practical solutions to change customer behaviour around their use of wipes in the long term and exploring how the relationship between agriculture, water and energy can allow biodiversity to thrive against the backdrop of climate change. As well as this, we will put the question of how we protect our coastal areas looking specifically at plastics, water quality and biodiversity under the microscope.


A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical entity. By bridging the physical and the virtual world, data is transmitted seamlessly allowing the virtual entity to exist simultaneously with the physical entity. There will be billions of things represented by digital twins in the next five years. The water industry is often accused of lagging behind digitally. How can we evolve further to sit at the forefront of this transformation?


All water companies are dedicated to driving down leaks across their networks and Anglian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water are no exception. We’re already using the most innovative technology to do this, but how can we take even bigger steps to cut waste further? Sprints and hackathons will target how we make a significant step change in the war on leakage and how we can draw from other sectors to implement solutions.


Using the Google-founded sprint framework, ten separate sprints will seek answers to a number of issues plaguing the water industry around four core themes. Their structure means that the endless-debate cycle is significantly reduced, fast tracking teams to success.



Hackathons are very similar to sprints and aim to find a shortcut to developing tangible outputs. They utilise the skills of those involved in all aspects of software development from domain experts to interface designers to create a functioning product within a set time frame. Innovate East will host two hackathons that address some of the biggest challenges we face in our industry.



A daily dash is essential a shorter version of a sprint running for one day. A group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project. This is really productive for problem definition, idea creation or high-level solution finding.

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